Baptism is a symbol of God’s wonderful love for us as human beings. The church follows the direction of Christ to baptise and to make disciples. In baptism we are welcomed into God’s family.

In the Uniting Church in Australia we baptise adults on a confession of faith. We also baptise infants, as we understand that God’s welcome is not dependent on our own understanding. In asking for their child to baptised, parents are making an important decision about the faith and community in which they wish the child to be raised.  It is our hope that children baptised within our congregation will at some time confirm their baptism and make the commitments that are asked of adult members.

As a continuation of baptism, one of our church members maintains the ‘cradle roll’. A series of cards and leaflets is sent to the family for five years on the anniversary of the baptism. These have an appropriate message about the joint commitment the parents have made with the church for the Christian upbringing of their child, and remind them that our church members are always here for them.

Contact our Minister, Rev. Stan Clarke, for more information, or to arrange a meeting.