St. Andrew’s Kindergarten

St. Andrew’s Kindergarten Sunbury is a welcoming centre which is dedicated to nurturing the growth and education of children in three and four-year-old kindergarten programs. The kindergarten runs a ‘play-based learning’ curriculum which allows children to make sense of their social world by engaging actively with people, objects and representations.

A stand-out feature of the centre is the outdoor play area which is shaded by large trees. A well-established veggie garden is set up in this area and the children are encouraged to care for the veggies throughout the year.

The kindergarten is close to the Sunbury town centre which allows educators to organise excursions where they walk with the children to places such as Sunbury Library and the local CFA station.

Visit Uniting for more information about the Kinder or to fill in an ‘expression of interest’ form, or use their contact form .