Regular Service times
  • Regular Service                         9.30am every Sunday
  • Sunday Evening Gathering     6.00pm on 1st and 3rd Sundays
  • Traditional Service                   2.00pm on 4th Sundays

During our 9.30am Service, a crèche for littlies is available in the church hall when needed or you can choose to sit with your children in the carpeted area at the back of the Chapel, where we have some toys for the children to play with.


Special Service times
  • Ash Wednesday            7.00pm           the day after Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday
  • Maundy Thursday        7.00pm           the day before Good Friday
  • Palm Sunday                 9.30am           the Sunday before Good Friday
  • Good Friday                   8.30am           a Service of prayer and reflection         
  • Good Friday                 10.00am           an ecumenical Service in the Memorial Hall
  • Easter Day                      9.30am           commencing at 8.30am with a hot cross bun breakfast
  • Blue Christmas              7.30pm           usually Thursday evening before Christmas Day
  • Christmas Eve                8.00pm           join us to sing Carols!
  • Christmas Day               9.00am           celebrate Jesus’ birthday before your happy family day!

Before Easter and Christmas each year, look for details of those Service times on our home page.